Altenew Spring Shower Cover Die Example

Hello! In an earlier post I mentioned how excited I was about the the Spring Shower Cover Die from Altenew. You know I had to play with it as soon as it arrived! I shared the background I made on Instagram and a request was made for a video tutorial. Unfortunately I don’t have the equipment to make a video tutorial, but I can write a quick post on how I made it.

The Spring Shower Cover Die is a die that is the size of an A2 card.

The die cuts out a bunch of floral pieces. What is different about this die is that you can layer the pieces to create different looks. Here is what I have leftover from my card, so you can see the pieces.

See how the pieces layer together (their are instructions that come with the die).

For my card, I used the die twice, once with white cardstock, and again with navy.

I kept the white frame, and used the navy pieces to fill in the frame.

Next, I took some of the layering pieces that I had cut in white and added them with adhesive.

I decided to emboss several of the accent pieces in gold. I did this by temporarily adhering them to a piece of scrap cardstock, smooshing Versamark ink over them, and then covering the pieces in gold embossing powder. I melted the powder with my heat gun and waited until it cooled off before carefully lifting the pieces off the scrap cardstock. I glued them in place with Multi Matte Medium.

I also use White Nuevo Drops and a Gold Copic market to color some accents.

I finished the card off using a sentiment from Altenew’s Build a Flower – Camellia stamped on a vellum strip and heat embossed in gold.

Here is and example of one of the white pieces fitted into the left over navy frame.

This card was pretty easy to make, just time consuming. Putting all of the pieces back in place takes time. One tip I have is before I add the pieces back, I flip the frame over and cover it with a light tack tape, like washi tape or micro-pore tape. I tape it on so that the sticky part shows through the openings. That gives the pieces something to grab and hold.

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by! Please let me know if you would like me to make video tutorials. I’ve been a bit hesitant as my crafting space has horrible lighting (I mean, look at the step by step pics, ugh). And, I sound like I’m twelve. But if enough people are interested, and you all sign a waiver that you will refrain from complaining about how I sound, I’ll start working on it.



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