Alcohol Ink Play

Happy Friday, although, at this point it all just kinda blends together… I mentioned earlier this week that I had done something a little bit different last weekend. It was actually a two step process.

First, on my lunch breaks last week, I cleaned out all of the remnants of the candles I’ve burned down from The Bath and Body Shop (you know, those three wick candles in glass jars). I had one that was all white, and I thought, why not try adding Alcohol inks to it?

Using a couple of paint brushes and a pallet to hold the ink, I added Raspberry Ranger Alcohol ink, Copic C5 ink and Ranger Silver mixative to the jar. I painted one stip of the Raspberry ink, added the C5, then the second strip of Raspberry. I added the Silver mixative over the C5.

For the Silver Mixative, I would add a little strip of ink, then add a drop of Alcohol Blending Solution, then tilt the jar back and forth to get it to run. I worked with the jar in this position:

To finish it off, I sprayed the jar with a fixative. You have to be careful with the fixative, it can change the appearance of the alcohol ink. The tiny dots above, that’s from the fixative.

It’s not food safe, and I wouldn’t use it to burn another candle, but it’s a great storage jar! I’ll probably use it to hold something in my studio.

It’s pretty easy to clean out the candle jars. You fill the jars up to the top with boiling water (all the way to the top), then let them sit. The remaining wax in the jars will liquify, rise to the top, and solidify as the water cools. You can remove this wax and save it for a wax warmer (I haven’t tried this step yet, but I have baggies of wax now).

The remaining candle wicks require a little coaxing to remove, but not too bad. There will be a little bit of residue left in the jars too. I used two methods. 1. add a little bit more boiling water, swished it around, poured it out and wiped out the jar quickly and carefully, before it cools. 2. Use really hot tap water and a little bit of dish soap to clean out.

I have some saved stories on my Instagram page that show images of the different steps. Its nice to recycle the jars, and not just throw them out. I don’t know about you, but I’m going through a fair bit of candles, working from home and trying to keep myself mellow.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay safe!


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