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Concord & 9th Inventory Blow Out Sale-List

Hello there! Today is a big, big day! Concord & 9th is having a huge Inventory Blow out Sale. The sale starts today at 9:00 am MT. I seriously can’t wait!

Concord & 9th took down their web site while they prepared for the sale. But, they put together a catalog, with all of the sales prices, for us to prepare (it was available on the site until they took the took it down Friday afternoon). As I am sure you guessed, I did download the catalog and poured over it. I put together two list. One is a list of all of the best deals (in my opinion), the other my favorites. I’m using affilate links, but I’m writting this post on Sunday, before the site is brought back up. They may not work. If they don’t work, please use the banner link here. I would appreciate the support I receive from the affiliate links. This list took some time to put together đŸ™‚

First off, what I think are the best deals.

Fashion Wear Bundle, normally $27.00, now $10.80

Furry Friends Bundle, normally $45.75, now $22.85 – This set is great because you can do so much with it! It covers so many occasions.

Pop Art Pineapple Bundle, normally $25.00, now $12.50

Pop Art Pineapple BUNDLE - Concord & 9th

Birdie Talk Bundle, normally $36.00, now $10.80

Birdie Talk BUNDLE - Concord & 9th

Rainbow Wishes Bundle, normally $52.00, now $26.00

Rainbow Wishes BUNDLE - Concord & 9th

Confetti Cake Bundle, normally $16.00, now $8.00

Confetti Cake BUNDLE - Concord & 9th

Cool Treats Bundle, normally $36.00, now $14.40

****Darling Petals Bundle, normally $35.00, now $10.50 – this is one of my favorite sets. I like to use the die cut flowers along with the ones from Flower Patch Bundle.

Darling Petals Turnaboutâ„¢ BUNDLE - Concord & 9th

Gem Bundle, normally $17.00, now $6.80

Hello Sunshine Bundle, normally $36.75, now $18.35 – this set has great sentiments!

Hugs & Kisses Bundle, normally $27.75, now $11.10 – I really like the turnabout die, and the scale of this set

Hugs & Kisses Turnaboutâ„¢ BUNDLE - Concord & 9th

Joyful Bundle, normally $46.75, now $14.00- This set includes stamps, dies and stencils.

Hey There Bundle, normally $32.25, now $9.65- This one is on my list to buy!

Sprinkles Bundle, normally $30.50, now $18.30

Sprinkles BUNDLE - Concord & 9th

Star Bundle, normally $31.50, now $18.90- Another turnabout die

To The Point Bundle, normally $30.50, now $15.25- I’m thinking about this one

Beautiful Butterfly Bundle, normally $42.25, now $25.35- The dies in this set are so much fun! A pop up butterfly!

Feathered Bundle, normally $27.00, now $10.80- considering this set too

Rooting for You Bundle, normally $37.75, now $11.30- I just got this set

Pinata Party Bundle, normally $21.50, now $8.60

Happy Day Bundle, normally $32.25, now $19.35

love this stamp set and die set from Concord & 9th

Top It Off Bundle, normally $36.75, now $18.35

Top It Off BUNDLE - Concord & 9th

Fringe Frenzy Kit, normally $52.00, now $20.80

Wonderful Florals Bundle, normally $48.50, now $14.55

Wonderful Florals - Concord & 9th

Just Love Bundle, normally $54.75, now $16.40

Concord & 9th - JUST LOVE Clear Stamps and Dies BUNDLE Set

Little Love Tag Bundle, normally $33.25, now $16.65

Concord & 9th - LITTLE LOVE TAGS Clear Stamps and Dies BUNDLE set

Grateful for Everything Bundle, normally $47.50, now $14.25- I love to color this set, one of my favorites

Concord & 9th GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING Clear Stamp Set 10441

Tulip Labels Dies, normally $8.00, now $2.40- This is a fun set

Pretty Poppy Bundle, normally $39.50, now $11.85- This set is also on my list

Vintage Flower Bundle, normally $27.75, now $11.10- This is a favorite!

Monster Love Bundle, normally $35.00, now $10.50 – How cute are these guys?

Monster Love BUNDLE - Concord & 9th

Simple Serif Alphabet Bundle, normally $46.75, now $28.05 – Favorite!!! This is a great alphabet set, with both stamps & dies

Hooray Die, normally $8.00, now $3.20- Favorite, I use this die a lot.

Hooray die - Concord & 9th

Thank You For Being Bundle, normally $33.25, now $19.95

Confetti Card Dies, normally $32.00, now $16.00- A favorite, I love the outline for card panels

Gingham Background Stamp, normally $20.00, now $8.00- Love this background!

Herringbone Background, normally $20.00, now $12.00- Another favorite background

Sew Pretty Bundle, normally $42.25, now $16.90

Sew Pretty - Concord & 9th

Bundled Up Bundle, normally $45.00, now $13.50

Holiday Cheer Bundle, normally $40.50, now $16.20- Works well with Little Love Tags

Holiday Cheer Tags BUNDLE - Concord & 9th

Merry & Bright Bundle, normally $28.75, now $8.60- One of my favorite holiday sets!

Merry & Bright BUNDLE - Concord & 9th

Last but not least, this one is a combination of items, but I recommend purchasing them this may to maximize savings:

Christmas Cheer Turnabout (normally $20.00, now $12.00), without the Ribbon Banner Die. Instead, grab the Banners & Blooms Bundle (normally $21.50, now $12.90). This way you get all three pieces that work well together.

Christmas Cheer Turnaboutâ„¢ - Concord & 9th
Banners & Blooms BUNDLE - Concord & 9th

Ok, now my favorites. I’m going to list my favorites, but only link them here if they are not linked above. I’m also linking older blog post, so you can see examples.

Mail Drop Bundle, normally $47.50, now $38.00 – I love the innovative design, and that this set is mail themed. Example here.

Type Talk Bundle, normally $42.25, now $33.80- This set is designed along the same lines as Mail Drop.

Bitty Burst Bundle, normally $16.00, now $12.80- I love this set because you can use it for so many things. I’ve used it for weddings, graduations, even clean and simple.

Ellen Hutson LLC - Concord

Confetti Cake Bundle- You can use this set for so many things. Weddings, birthdays, its awesome!

Darling Petals Bundle – I love to use this for feminie cards, along with the Flower Patch Bundle. The flower dies are similar shapes and layer well.

Flower Patch Bundle, normally $35.00, now $28.00- See note above, and check out my mother’s day post from last year.

Holly Berry Bundle, normally $40.50, now $32.40- Check out the post I made about this set last year. SO. MANY. DIFFERENT. LOOKS.

Warm Wishes Bundle, normally $35.00, now $28.00- I love this set from last year. It’s so elegant. I want to play with it more.

Everyday Bouquet Turnabout Toolkit, normally $58.00, now $46.40- This is my go to set when I want some foliage. I love the dies in this set. The bonus is that it comes with all the turnabout tools!

Star Bundle– I love the turnabout dies, and how they create windows. I also love how this makes a pretty, neutral background.

Beautiful Butterfly Bundle- I love the ingenuity of the pop up dies in the die set. Here is a post with an example.

Birthday Stacks Bundle, normally $57.50, now $46.00- Another innovative product, this one lets you make shadow box birthday cards! Example here.

Keepsake Cards With Concord and 9th’s Birthday Stack

Hello Lovely Bundle, normally $47.50, now $38.00- I love how you can color this set, or you can use the stamps to fill it in, for a messy, watercolor look. I even used the outline image alone on these box cards. And this card.

Grateful for Everything Bundle – Another fun to color set. Or, you can stamp the outline and fill in around the image with the solid stamps in the set.

Grateful for You Greeting Card

Vintage Flower Bundle- Sorry, this is fun to color too. But, what I really like is the dies that cut part of the image, so you can make it dimensional Check out this link here.

Simple Serif Alphabet Bundle- Um yeah. As I mentioned above, it’s a great combination of alphabet stamps and dies. The dies aren’t too big that you can’t fit bigger words on cards, and you can stamps patterns on them. Check out this post.

Lots to Say, normally $8.00, now $5.60- This set works for everything. And I love smaller sentiments like this.

Herringbone Background- I reach for this one a lot. I love the subtle background pattern.

Hexagon Designer Dies, normally $40.00, now $32.00- I’ve only just started to play with these, but you saw what I did on Friday.

Sketched Stripe Background Stamp, normally $20.00, now $14.00 -This is my all time favorite background stamps. It’s subtle enough, being just stripes. But, the sketchy aspect adds a little, edge I guess, lol.

Merry & Bright Bundle – As I mentioned above, this set is a favorite for the holidays. I love the big sentiment die, it’s style is so elegant. I’ve added it over watercolor, or a wood background.

Mistletoe Messages Bundle, normally $25.00, now $20.00- Check out this post I made last year, sharing tons of ideas for this set. I love the dies, but the sentiments are perfect too!

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