Black Friday Concord & 9th Sale!

Good morning! Since I’m stuck sitting around on my bum, and I needed something to keep me busy, I decided to put together a list of my favorite Concord & 9th products. Hopefully this list will help you while Black Friday shopping.

The links below are affiliate links. If you’re not sure how affiliate links work, it’s a link that the store or website provides to affiliates, to help keep track of the traffic they help generate for the site. I do receive a small commission when you use the links and purchase items (usually 5-10%). The commissions help support this site, and allow me to continue to use new products to help inspire you (I hope). If you have any questions about affiliate links, please ask.

Ok, back to the good stuff. I’m putting this list together on Thanksgiving, so I don’t know the sales prices on the items I am sharing. I do know that the November release is excluded from the sale.

Let’s start with background staples. These are items I find myself reaching for over and over. If you don’t have a ton of money to spend, and want to grab something that will really make a difference in your day to day crafting, I recommend these background stamps.

Sketched Stripes Background stamp

from: Concord & 9th: This is my favorite background stamp. I reach for it often. I love that you can stamp it just once, or flip it over and stamp it again.

Herringbone Background

from: Concord & 9th: Another favorite for a quick, subtle background. I like to partially ink this one, then stamp for a distressed look. This example is more bold, but you can do this with a light gray ink too.

Gingham background stamps

from: Concord & 9th: This background stamp is so versitile. I really loved using it for Christmas crafting. Adding in the stitched detail is so easy!

Dotted Fill-In stamps

from: Concord & 9th: Another stamp I enjoyed this holiday season, it’s so versatile. You can create a large dotted background, or use the fill in stamps to create a clean and simple look.

One of the things that first drew me to Concord & 9th was their innovative products. They have some interactive sets that are designed to make assembly easy.

Beautiful Butterfly Pop-Up BUNDLE

from: Concord & 9th This set is so easy to use, and you end up with such a stunning card.

City Stacks BUNDLE

from: Concord & 9th

Birthday Stacks BUNDLE

from: Concord & 9th I have been a big fan of the stacks sets since I first saw them. Both sets create fun, pop up cards.

Mail Drop BUNDLE

from: Concord & 9th Another cool set of interactive bundles are the surprise message sets. Mail Drop was the first, followed by Stocking Stuffers and Type Talk. Each set has the pieces needed to construct a cute interactive card. I still need to finish my Stocking Stuffer card, but I have examples for both Mail Drop and Type Talk.

Type Talk BUNDLE

from: Concord & 9th

Stocking Stuffers BUNDLE

from: Concord & 9th

Up next, my favorite florals. These are sets I just keep reaching for, over and over.

Annuals BUNDLE no calendar
This set came in so handy when finishing my desk calendars. But, I also found myself reaching for then sentiments to make wedding cards and other items, even before hand.

Hello Lovely Bundle

from: Concord & 9th I find myself reaching for this set when I need to make a quick but elegant card. I used this recently for a wedding box card as well. I love how the fill in stamps allow you to quickly add color.

Fine Line Florals

from: Concord & 9th This is another set that has fill in pieces that make it easy to quickly color in the main image. This set has an added bonus of a second fill in set, to give it a different look.

Filled In Florals BUNDLE

from: Concord & 9th

Floral Print Silhouette BUNDLE

from: Concord & 9th This is another favorite floral of mine. Well, really I like the whole set. I used this set to make some wall art for my living room, I thought it was so cute.

Vintage Flower BUNDLE

from: Concord & 9th I love this stamp with the matching die set, because one of the dies only partially die cuts the image, letting you add some really cool dimension.

Next up, some sentiment sets. Concord & 9th is really good about including a good range of sentiments with all of their sets. But, there are two sets I want to recommend on their own.

Lots to say is a favorite. I couldn’t find a link, but you should be able to find it on their site. It has lots of general sentiments, perfect for all occasion.

Mistletoe Messages BUNDLE

from: Concord & 9th: This is a great holiday sentiment set, I really like it because the sentiments are smaller, easier to fit on a card.

I couldn’t leave out this alphabet set. That counts as a sentiment, right?

Simple Serif Alphabet BUNDLE

from: Concord & 9th

I have to mention the Fashion Wear, Winter Wear and Daily Wear sets. These came in clutch with my calendar project. There are so many occasions you can use these sets for!

Winter Wear BUNDLE

from: Concord & 9th

Fashion Wear BUNDLE

Daily Wear BUNDLE

Last, but not least, the Bitty Burst Turnabout. I probably should have mentioned this one with the backgrounds, but it’s also good for a quick focal point as well.

Bitty Burst Bundle

from: Concord & 9th

With all those fun products already calling my craft studio home you may be wondering if I am going to be picking up anything new tomorrow. I do have my eye on some items. One item is a set that C&9th is retiring, Laural Frames. I’m also thinking about snagging the Snow Flurry Bundle. Its a set I’ve found myself putting in my cart a few times this season, then taking out because of $. But, I keep going back to those snowflake dies.. I am also going to stock up on my favorite glitter cardstock, the neutrals set.

I hope today’s post is helpful, and not just the ramblings of a bored person recovering from surgery! I also hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving!

Thanks for stopping by!



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