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Happy Halloween!!!

Hey guys, welcome back! I don’t have any cards to share today. I took the weekend off to rest my finger/hand, which I think made a big difference!

I did want to share a couple of things with you. First off, there are some great sales going on today. I don’t have a list of all of them, but Jennifer McGuire is a good resource. Her blog is on my favorite links menu (I need to update that).

One sale I wanted to mention is Halloween related. Simon Says Stamp’s has Steals and Deals all the time. Today there are a bunch of Concord and 9th products. Wonderful Florals was one, as well as Sketchy Stripe background. Hurry thought they sell out fast! Here is the link.

Next up, the 11th The Daily Marker Coloring Challenge starts tomorrow!

I shared a post about how I prepared for the challenge in June. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to participate daily like I had hoped. Moving and all that entails just killed me. I did finish coloring all the images I had prepped, going crazy that final night.

This challenge I plan to participate everyday. I’m also approaching the challenge with a different attitude. In the past my mindset was that I was coloring images I planned to use on cards. Even in June, when I said I wanted to color just for fun, I couldn’t let go. Because of that “must use on a card,” mindset, they had to be perfect. And I got really frustrated, because my coloring was so not perfect. In fact, it was like I had regressed.

So, this month my goal is only to practice, to experiment, to take chances. If it turns out bad, that’s ok. I need to stop playing it safe, I’m not getting anywhere. If the images turn out nice enough to use in a card, that’s a bonus.

I also would like to watch more coloring videos on YouTube, and dedicate more time to learn the different mediums I’ve picked up. I was thinking about this before Kathy announced the challenge, and I think it’s the perfect time. I’m open to any recommendations you guys have on who to watch. I’ll share a post about half way through the month with the channels that helped me.

Are you planning to participate this month? I know, it’s a hectic time of the year, but why not commit to 5 or 10 minutes a night of “me,” time? I’ll bet you’ll need it!

Please comment below on video recommendations and if you’ll be joining the challenge this month!

Thanks for stopping by!



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