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My Instagram Giveaway Saga

Hello and welcome back (or welcome to all the new comers)! Today’s post is sort of a bonus post, and a little off track. I mentioned on Instagram that I would write the saga of my journey to the Instagram giveaway I am hosting this weekend. Check out the giveaway post here.

I started brainstorming my first giveaway back in August. I was around 700 followers on Instagram and wanted to do something big for 1k. Since Stamptember was approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to grab some extra exclusive items from Simon. What better prize then something no longer available, right? I also thought one of the Hero Arts My Monthly Kota would work, since they sell out too. Whatever the prize was, it couldn’t break the bank.

So, Stamptember rolls around, and I’m keeping my eye out for the Altenew collaboration, as well as Concord and 9th. I was staying up late to see the releases etc. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay up late the night if the C&9 release. By the time I woke up at 7:00 am EST, all of the sets with matching dies were gone. I went ahead and ordered 2 of the stamp sets. Even without the dies, they were adorable. Considering how popular the set was, I was excited that I had found a great giveaway prize!

I did purchase another set from Stamptember, which I’m not revealing yet, as that will be my 1k giveaway prize(hint, it’s not Altenew). I’m glad that I had the forethought to get another set. Sadly, I can’t use the C&9 Monster Hugs set for my giveaway prize. Both stamp sets that I received were defective. Simon sent me a refund immediately as they had already completely sold out and couldn’t replace them. Simon was great about the whole thing! But, it’s near impossible to use the sets, and I can’t use something like that as a prize.

So, the first item I purchased was a bust… then I saw the October My Monthly Hero Kit and thought about giving away one of those before the 1k giveaway. It’s such an adorable, classic kit.

And, here we are! I was panicking because the second MMY Kit I ordered was showing as Unfulfilled on their website, yet the first one had shipped. And, of course I mentioned hosting a giveaway too early, because hey, it had shipped… ugh this is a lot of stress!!

So, thank you for supporting me this past year and a half! Thank you for putting up with my neurotic, goofy self! Thank you for being such a great community!

And, last but not least, thanks for stopping by!


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