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Alcohol Ink Wall Art

Hey guys, welcome back! So, here is the wall art I warned you guys about! 🙂

As you know, I recently purchased my first house. When we moved I got rid of pretty much all of my wall art and decorations. Most of what I had was second hand or really cheap. Stuff you end up with when you’re right out of school.

With the new house, I wanted to start fresh. I wanted to invest in real art and pick items with meaning. Only, I do still have a limited budget. The print of the ceramic glaze photo was a great, economical find! I had hoped for alcohol ink pieces, but I haven’t found anything that I absolutely loved enough to invest in. I have purchased a few prints, but it’s not the same.

I am by no means an alcohol artist, but I have made a handful of pieces that I absolutely could not bring myself to cut up for cards. The only problem is that they are all small pieces, 5×7. In order to really use them, I need a set of 2 or 4. Since they are all happy accidents from playing around, there is no way to recreate the effect. Of course, you know I had to try.

So, that brings me to this weekend. I had a piece that I made in June with some new colors that I really liked.

In order to make this work in my bathroom, I needed to make 3 more. Of course they don’t have to be 100% the same, but using the same colors.

Here are the results (I scanned these on my printer and for some reason the color is off). The pink is really more coral, like above. These are Ranger Alcohol Inks in Coral, Turquoise and Silver Mixative.

I made 5 panels and these are the only decent ones. They aren’t exactly what I was hoping for, but I am happy with them.

Funny story about this panel! It was the first one I made, and it started out awesome! Right in the middle of moving some of the ink around, the food I ordered for lunch arrived. I almost cried!

Here they are together. The lighting is horrible and I really need to paint this room.

The funny thing is that I usually like pieces with lots of white space, yet I end up covering my pieces with ink. I dilute the ink a lot, but don’t leave any white.

I wish I had better pictures. And of course it’s dark now and I can’t take more. Plus, the thought of taking them down and out of the frames makes my fingers hurt.

Thanks for stopping by and indulging me in my whim.


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