New Craft Room Tour

Welcome back! I’m celebrating the start to the weekend by sharing with you the room I will be spending it in! I gave you a peak of the paint color, but it in no way conveys the outcome.

Here is the room:


This is the view of the room through the double pocket doors that lead to the living room. This room is at the front of the house, parallel to the living room, and also right next to the front door. I love the white bookcases on the blue wall! And that rug! Can I hug a room? Confession, I’ve tried with this one lol!


I’m starting on the right side of my desk. You can see part of the double doors leading to the living room, along with the door leading to the kitchen. I’m pretty sure this room was meant to be a dinning room, but there is plenty of room in the “great room,” for a dinning room table. I’ll share a picture at the end of this post that shows the open space.

This area features a chair I used to keep in my bedroom, and you can see the top of my Raskog kart. The only thing I changed in regards to the layout of my supplies was to move the tools I used to keep on the IKEA bar to the top of my embossing Raskog cart.

I ordered a print of a close up photo of pottery glaze to hang over the chair.


I found this cute, bright map from Michael’s, and thought it would go really well with the rug I grabbed for this room. This was the only wall it would fit on (besides where the Kallax units are).


This is the view from the doorway into the kitchen. Love that window and bench! You can see more of the rug here too.


This is the view from my desk. I grabbed another great, bright rug for the living room. The only rooms that were painted before we moved in where the craft room and my daughter’s room. I really need to paint the rest of the house, but I think I’ll be hiring people for that.


I created a little die cutting station to the left of the double doors. The bookcase holds my fantasy/sci-fi books along with my Harry Potter collectibles. I hung up my frame with my most used dies here so they would be close by. It’s a bit high, but I wanted it to be level with the other art work. I also have my cross stitch supplies in one of the fabric drawers, which is a new addition. I decide to put all of my crafting supplies as well as all of my hobbies together in this room.

I put my photo shelf with my Nuvo Drops and Ink Sprays here as well, and thought it was the perfect place for the rainbow heart artwork I made when I first started paper crafting.

I’m not going to get into my craft storage as I haven’t changed anything from my previous room. The shelves and location of materials and tools (with the exception of the IKEA bar) are the same. You can see details of my organization here and here.

Oh, and I added Command hooks to the end of my Kallax unit to hang my swatches. It’s the corner furthest from the window, so the lighting is horrible.

Here is the picture of the “Great Room,” where we will put our dinning room table.


Well, once we move the boxes… They are my daughter’s, who is the last hold out for unpacking. This area is directly across from the kitchen, so it’s a great location.

I have to share with you, I never thought I would have my own craft room, let alone one like this. I keep pinching myself every time I think of it. Half the time I sit in the living room looking at it. I managed to put all of my crafting stuff, along with my nerd collection in one room. My scrapbooks will go in here as well, once we find them. They are in one of the boxes that are in the kids rooms…

I do have some small plans to change the room. I’m thinking of painting the trim with a white paint that has silver dust in it. And, I think I will change out the black book case for a small Kallax, but that’s down the road. I have some projects in the rest of the house that take priority now.

Thanks for stopping by!



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