Let’s Get Organized Part 2

Welcome back! I’ve owed you this post for quiet a while, but I was waiting for my most recent OrganizeMore ink rack to arrive. Now that it’s here, we can jump in.

** This will only be my craft space for 2 more months. I have a contract on a house, with a craft room!!! I’ll have my very own room, dedicated to my obsession. No more squatting in the “dinning nook.” I’m pretty sure the set up will be similar, and of course the organization will be the same. I will probably add another book case, and I’m going to see if my computer will fit in the room as well. I will be sure to share, once I have it all set. It will be a while, what with moving and painting etc. But I will share.

Changes I made since the last organization post:

  • Add the drawer inserts for the Kallax
  • Third Ink Rack installed
  • Organized my 6×6 paper
  • Purchased second InterDesign bin for completed card storage
  • Temporarily using a bookcase my daughter removed from her room

Let’s take a look.

Drawers for the Kallax 

I added 2 drawer inserts for my Kallax unit. Since I have the 4×4 and the 2×4 shelves right next to each other, I put the drawers in the middle of the columns, at the bottom row. Sorry about all of the shadows, this area has no windows (the new room has a huge window).


The inserts each have two drawers. They are not big drawers, but it adds a place for hidden away storage, and eliminates having to dig around in the fabric bins. Let me show you what I have inside, along with what I have in the fabric bins.

First up I have my FuseTool, FuseTool accessories (white covered container), glue gun and spare paper trimmer blades (the red covered container). The drawer below has my extra Wink of Stella (I grabbed these on clearance from Michaels), mini spoons, extra Nuvo Drops and reinker bottles, velcro, sequins containers, extra sanding blocks. It looks a bit disorganized, but it’s just a lot.

Next I have tons of Fun Foam, trimmed down to card size, along with scraps. Behind that is a plastic container that holds cutting tools left over from my scrapbooking days. Below that is a ton of embellishments and stickers, also from my scrapbooking days.

On to the big fabric drawers!


This first drawer holds all of my organization items, except for my label maker. It also has some bigger items like the brayer, my extra Xyron Sticker maker, and big sheets of Fun Foam.


This next bin contains all of my shipping supplies.


This bin holds my craft mat, a box for adding ink sprays, and other large random items. I ended up with lots of room in the bins once I pulled out the items for the drawers.


Last up we have my label maker and supplies, laminator and supplies, and spare cutting plates.

Third Ink Rack

You saw the third ink rack in the first picture, but here is a little bit of a closer look.


This rack holds the rest of my Altenew inks, along with my pigment inks. And, space to grow (so tempting)!

6×6 Paper

I think I mentioned in my previous post that I had an idea for storing my 6×6 paper. Originally I had it in the wooden crate that also holds my large stamp sets (below the first ink rack above). I wasn’t very happy storing the pad in the crate, because all the scraps of unused paper kept falling out. I’m not sure why I decided to try stamp pockets, but I am glad I did! They are very similar to the job ticket holders used on my 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock, allowing me to keep my scrap pieces with the rest of the paper.


These pouches are the Large Storage Pouches from Altenew (here). I had my eye on these from MFT, but they are very popular and hard to get your hands on.


I labeled the pouches the same as the job ticket holders, and have them in the same magazine holders, with the larger cardstock.


You can see here how it keeps my scraps all together. I’m very happy with how this turned out. In fact, I need to get more pouches, as I already used up the original packet (they sell them in qty of 10 or 25, I started out with 10 to test it).


InterDesign Bin

The little wire bins I was using to hold my completed cards was already stuffed when I wrote the first organization post. I ordered the same InterDesign freezer bin that I use for my stamps, but it actually ended up being too small (I should have tested it out before I ordered another one…).


Most of the cards fit, and I used one of the wire bins for the spill over.


I moved my empty envelopes into the left over wire bin. Now I have room to grow for both, even if I didn’t get all my cards into one container.

Spare Bookcase

When I made the switch from the old bookcases to the new Kallax unit I lost out on storage for actual books.  I was going to give them away, but I have a difficult time parting with books. However, my daughter took the old bookcases for her room and ended up getting rid of a smaller bookcase she had.


It’s seen better days, but it works for now. I moved my Gemini over here, and also pulled my Spellbinder Platinum 6 out of mothballs. My books only took up the first shelf, so I put the extra fabric bins on the second (they are empty, for now).

With the Gemin moved over here, I changed up my Raskog cart a little bit. IMG_0861

This is the cart that is on the left of my desk. I flipped the top basket back over (and bruised my wrist in the process).


I moved my stamp cleaning supplies over here, along with the little dishes I used to keep on the desk top. I also added those white “cups,” hanging off the cart, for little odds and ends. The bag is for small paper trash. The rest of the cart is the same (embossing powders and other cleaning supplies).

Couple of Bonus Items

Swatches of Ink and Mica Sprays


I thought it would be helpful to make swatches of my ink and mica sprays. I made the swatches by layering Gina K Designs Onxy cardstock over some Neenah Classic Crest Solar White Cardstock. Then I used my tag die cut to cut out shapes that would be half black and half white, so I could see the effect on both colors. The tags are pretty big, so I swatched two ink colors on each tag, masking off the different sides with masking tape.


I was sure to label each swatch too. I’m so glad I did this. It is really helpful, and will motivate me to use my ink sprays more.


I know there are a lot of crafters that hang magnetic paper onto walls or cabinet doors so that they can keep their favorite dies in easy reach. At first I wasn’t a big fan of the look, but the idea grew on me. Especially since my method of keeping my favorite stitched rectangle die in with my precut paper was not working. I decided to us a fancy silver frame, with some magnetic paper.


Last, but not least, I swatched my alcohol inks. It’s a rough swatch, but works for now. Jennifer McQuire just released a free swatch download for alcohol inks, which I’m sure I will use eventually.

Whew! Well, that’s it, for now! Organiztion is always evolving, so I imagine I will switch things up a bit. I’ve been thinking about moving my 12×12 cardstock into the black bookcase. Or, I think I might order another Kallak unit. Maybe another 4×4, so that I can move the 2×4 somewhere else in the new house. I have tons of ideas, but I need to wait until we move in and I see what I really have/need. As I mentioned, I’d like to move my computer desk into the craft room, but I don’t want the room to be overcrowded. I’ll be sure to share the final room with you. Oh, and this means I can attempt video tutorials! There is tons of natural light in the room!

Thanks for stopping by!



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