Happy Friday! I’m sorry, I don’t have a card to share today. But, I did want to put out a quick update on things.

First off, my amazingly talented daughter was accepted into Parson’s New School of Design!!! I can’t even begin to describe how I feel! This is her dream school!! It’s a bit overwhelming, thinking about her being so far away, and how to pay for it all. But, can you imagine, the best art school in the US, in New York City!!

Next, and not as big, I have a contract for a house! It’s still the beginning of the process, but stressful and time consuming. I’ve spent the last two weekends stressed out and a zombie. Hopefully I can settle down this weekend and get crafty. I really need it.

The best part about the house is that I will have an actual craft room, with great lighting!!! I might even be able to start making videos!

That’s the quick update of the rollercoaster I’ve been riding!

Since you took the time to check in, let me share an actual craft item with you.

These are Nuvo Shimmer Powders!!! And oh my, I’m in love!! They just arrived last night, and I played a little bit with them. Of course, I had to swatch them too!

Look at how cool the craftermath looked.

These were so much fun my daughter’s football playing guy friend was trying them out.

I’ll put together a post with more details about them this weekend. I should have a card to share by then too!

Thanks for stopping by!



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