Happy Friday!

Welcome to the weekend! I hope the first week of 2018 was a fabulous one for you!

My week hasn’t exactly gone as I planned, unfortunately. Somewhere between putting away the Christmas decorations, unpacking my new Gemini die cutting machine (!!! more to come on that) and lugging around oversized packages of cat litter I hurt my back. I’ll be ok, but I need to take a couple more days to recover. It also means I don’t have a new post for you. I have tons of ideas, but I can’t sit at the computer to type it all out (typing this on my phone, flat in bed).

But, I do have something I would like to ask. Instead of me making a card to share with you, would you make a card to share with someone who really needs it? Someone who could really use some cheering up?

One of my Facebook groups had a post about a young man who could really use a distraction from pain and sickness. Here is a screenshot:

Normally when I share something like this I have news articles for you to link too, so you can verify the story. I don’t have any links this time. If you don’t feel comfortable sending to this young man, make a card for someone in your local nursing home, or children in your local hospital. Many churches have greeting card outreach programs. Or maybe some cards for teachers at a nearby school. Something to spread a little kindness!

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be back soon with a card to share!


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