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Glitter Paper: A Closer Look

Oh happy start to vacation Friday! Let’s celebrate with glitter, lots and lots of glitter!

First off, let me share something with you that pretty much sums me up:


I was a glitter girl even before I started card making. Glitter nail polish, glitter phone cases, glitter note pads and binders for school, glitter anything!

I’ve always understood the pitfalls of glitter though, especially glitter paper… It sheds EVERYWHERE! Even the sign above shed glitter. Of course this meant that I was very cautious about incorporating glitter paper/cardstock into my crafting. My first attempts with glitter were based on products I had seen others use (mainly Jennifer McQuire).

My first attempt with glitter cardstock did not go well thought. I got a 6×6 Glitter stack from DCWV after seeing Jennifer McQuire use one. I was especially excited because of the bright colors!


Unfortunately, this stuff shed like my cats! It wasn’t so bad until I die cut it. Then the glitter flood gates opened up! To be fair, the glitter stack that Jennifer used did not shed in her video. And as you’ll see further down, I have had better luck with other DCWV cardstock.

Next, I tried another product I had seen Jennifer us, MFT Silver Sparkle paper. This was perfection!!!


As you can see, I’ve purchased almost all of the colors. This stuff is amazing! It die cuts like butter. It does’t shed, and it has a smooth, white  cardstock backing. These come in 8 1/2 x 11 sheets.


The type of backing may not seem that important, but it can be. A smooth, white cardstock backing means you can write on it, and it’s not so difficult to get adhesive to stick to it. I am a huge fan of MFT’s Sparkle cardstock! And for those of you that are sensitive to smell, I haven’t noticed any weird smells.

One of the other glitter papers I tried in my quest for perfection was a product I found at the dollar store. Yup the dollar store.


This product is actually more like vinyl then cardstock (8 1/2×11). It’s coated, so it feels plastic like. This made it a bit tricky to die cut. I had to run everything through my die cutting machine twice, and forget cutting anything intricate. It’s also pretty thin and has an adhesive back, which made it a bit difficult to work with.

I did notice that the glitter rubs off a little bit (it doesn’t shed, the color rubs off). It only happened when I was trying to erase a mark on my card front and I rubbed the die cut with the side of my finger.

The main reason I tried this product was the vibrant colors (and it was cheap). I did get a decent amount of use out of the pack. This was used on the JOY cards I made, and some of the CZ Designs cards as well.  They turned out well, but there are better products out there.

Most recently I have been using a product I picked up at Michaels. I grabbed this stack because I was looking for something inexpensive to use on a project for work.


This was a 12×12 pack of holiday colored glitter paper. As you can see, I cut out a ton of Concord and 9th’s Ornamental Bundle Ornament, in all of the different colors (50 to be exact). They were used to layer on the back of another ornament cut from regular cardstock, along with the patterns, so the glitter peaks through.

This cardstock is also coated (and the back was a glossy paper). The coating made it nearly impossible to find an adhesive that would keep the two pieces together. I ended up using my precious Scor-Tape, and even had problems with that on a few of the ornaments. You can see the glossy back in this picture. See that shimmer.


We had no issues die cutting the large ornament shape, but I struggled when I tried to use this cardstock with more intricate dies. I had to run dies through twice and carefully take them apart. I had a few instances where the glitter part of the paper seperated from the paper underneath. But, it absolutely doesn’t shed. This cardstock also had a slight plastic smell. I wasn’t bothered by it, but I know others might be.

I mentioned above that I had better luck with a second DCWV product. This was a stack that I found at JoAnn Fabrics, so I was able to touch it and really look at it before I purchased it. It’s actually not “glitter,” but “glitzy,” whatever that means.


This is a 6×6 stack, and I grabbed it because it had black in it. I have die cut this quiet a few times, and it has not shed on me once. I do have to run intricate dies through the machine twice, and am careful when removing them. The back is also that glossy paper, but I don’t have any issues adhering it. There is no smell either, that I have noticed. I’ve been so happy with this product that I looked for other Glitzy stacks this Christmas, so that I wouldn’t run out. I didn’t have any luck though.

Which is why I am so excited about my final product!

Simon Says Stamps launched a line of glitter cardstock for Diecember!


These are 6×6 pieces of cardstock. This is not the whole line. There is a sampler set available, but I tried to grab colors I didn’t already have (small fail on the Rose Gold lol). Since I’m really happy with the MFT products, it didn’t make sense to get those colors. From left to right is Magenta, Aqua, Crimson, Sapphire and Rose Gold.

I haven’t had a ton of time to play with these, but I can tell you they cut super easy, they don’t smell and don’t shed at all, and they have a non-glossy back. The colors are so vibrant! I love that Sapphire so much, and the Crimson isn’t bad either.

So, to summarize, my glitter arsenal will mainly consist of MFT Sparkle cardstock, and fill in missing colors with the SSS Glitter cardstock. I do like the DCWV Glitzy cardstock, and recommend that as well, but I have a hard time finding it, and can now get most of those colors from MFT or SSS. Of course, I have to use up the other products I have, so they will creep into my cards as needed. But, I can’t recommend MFT’s Sparkle cardstock enough!

Thanks for stopping by and hanging out through all the glitter. Have a great weekend!


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