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Christmas Card Prep Week 1-Concord and 9th Joyous Noel

Happy Friday! Today I am kicking off my Christmas Card series. I wanted to share with you the techniques I used to mass produce my Christmas Cards. I had to make over 50 cards this year, and this is my first year making my own cards.

The first set I purchased that really lent itself to “mass producing,” cards was the Joyous Noel set by Concord and 9th. I really loved how these turned out, but those backgrounds did take some work. Especially since decided to not only span the card width, but to heat emboss as well.


I flipped the card panels long way, and stamped the images 2 times, with a tiny sliver of a third. I used my stamp perfect tool to line them up, and stamped several at once. I mixed up the colors for different looks.

I spent an evening after work die cutting the letters and wreath for the “O,” out of different glitter and mirror cardstocks. Again, I used different colors. I also cut the letters out of fun foam, so I could pop them up on the cards. Some of the glitter paper had adhesive backing, which helped.

But I think I spent 6 hours one Saturday putting them all together.

Here are some of the finished cards. I added Lucy’s Cards Jewels to one or two.


The Noel cards are a little bit more difficult to make, as the take up more letters. But I did make a few. There are also some other styles of the Joy cards, which were shown in a previous post.


There were a couple of other joy cards I made, while playing around with the set. However, I didn’t mass produce these. I share these on a previous post.

I ended up with 16 cards altogether from this set. I would have made more, but I ordered some other stamp sets to break up the monotony.

Next week I am going to share the cards I made using another Concord and 9th set. As excited as I was when I first saw the Joyous Noel set, nothing could have prepared me for the Ornamental set. Talk about mass producing made easy. And so gorgeous!

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