Craft Space Makeover!

I’ve mentioned this post a couple of times and I’ve finally carved out the time to get it together.

Since I started this card making adventure in March, I’ve tried to be somewhat financially responsible and use the items at hand as much as possible. But, it quickly became obvious to me that I would not be able to stick it out with my old computer desk. I have a bad back, and I tend to craft standing up, leaving me bent over all day long. Not good!

I had my computer desk in an area I like to refer to as the “nerd den.” It’s officially the dinning room of my apartment, but we made it the office space when we moved in, and parked the family computer (our only computer at the time) in this area. Since the computer was mainly used for gaming, we might have decorated the area to match our main pursuit (the nerd den…).

Almost two years ago I got a computer for myself, leaving the family computer on it’s desk. At least until summer time. Once school ended for the year, the family computer disappeared into my son’s room. It made sense, as the family computer was right outside of my bedroom, and he would keep me up playing video games.

So, when I started crafting, using the empty desk in the nerd den made sense too. But, my back can’t handle being hunched over, and I started coveting counter height craft tables on Pintrest. How was I going to find someone to make me one of these glorious tables? I started looking at already made alternatives, but they were so expensive.

About a month ago I came into a little bit of money. And I started looking a little bit harder at alternatives to the custom tables. I found a bar height table at Target for $95. Perfect! But my old desk had a lot of storage in it. If I was going to go with a plain table, I would have to find some more storage. Then the IKEA Gods smiled on me and the Kallak units went on sale! I got a two by four cubby unit for $50! I drove down to Fort Lauderdale to save myself $150 in shipping, and grabbed a couple of accessories while there. The last piece to the finish off my space was a bar stool. One day after work I wandered through TJ Maxx and found a gorgeous seat on clearance for $50 (originally $129).

Ok here is the original “Nerd Den.”


All the storage on the side of the original desk.


Having all of my cardstock and markers in reach was lovely!


Plastic storage drawers to the right of the desk. I was able to completely empty that with the Kallak unit.

IMG_2948How many people have a map of Middle Earth in their “Dinning room?” And the Legos? They are Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring’s sets. You can see I already had the white shelves from Target, and I had started to creep into them with my stash. I had one Raskog cart and the other was an old shoe rack.

Here is the new space:IMG_2958

My coloring assistant Fireball. And by coloring assistant, I mean she sits on whatever I am trying to color and demands attention.


I’m using the photo shelf from IKEA for my Nuvo Drops and Mica Sprays. The bar and baskets was a way to keep favorite tools in reach without sacrificing table space.

These next couple of pictures were taken before the space was finished (my ink rack wasn’t here yet). But you get a good shot of my $50 bar stool! Which, really isn’t a bar stool, it’s a cat perch!


This is the “finished” look. I may make some adjustments in the future, but I’m pretty happy with it. I have to move my Copic markers to the desk when I color, but thats not a big deal. I don’t have so many that it’s cumbersome.

That Kallak unit was more then enough storage! The top row left side has my 8 1/2″ x 11″ cardstock, stored in Job Ticket holders placed in magazine holders from IKEA. Next to that is my Organize More ink rack, which I had ordered before I redid my space and it finally arrived last week! The bigger wire baskets on the next shelf hold my glue guns and punches in one, and all my adhesives in the other. Under my ink rack I have my Distress tins full of my ink cubes, my acrylic blocks, paint brushes, alcohol wipes and mini misters. Next row down holds my 12″ x 12″ paper pads and next to it are wire baskets with my finished cards, envelopes and cellophane sleeves. The bottom of the Kallak unit has two drawers from IKEA. One has stamp and die storage supplies (magnetic paper, storage envelopes and cheap cardstock for the envelopes) and spare items like Wink of Stella shimmer markers. The other has fun foam cut down, stamp cleaning suppies and little used tools.

My dies are in the mini binders (I used to keep them on my Raskog cart under my Spellbinder Platinum 6 but I moved them when I freed up the room), and my Copic markers are next to them. Underneath are wooden crates that hold my stamps. Below that are plastic bins with stickers and embellishments, with my sequins and jewels in the next cubby, in the plastic storage tray. The gray cloth drawers have empty boxes and other miscellaneous items.

I have my original Raskog cart, which has my die cut machine on the top basket (it’s installed upside down to serve as a shelf, and you can see this in the picture with both cats and the chair). Below that are spare cutting plates, embossing plates and embossing folders. On the bottom shelf I have paper towels and a wooden board.

I did get a second Raskog cart, but it may have been over kill. In the top I have my trimmers, baby wipes, stamp scrubbing pad and a microfiber cloth. The second basket has my embossing powders and other heat embossing items. The bottom shelf has coloring tools like gel pens, colored pencils, Distress Markers, and my watercolor paints.

I also have a my fuse tool, accessories and craft mat stashed in one of the cabinets with doors from the original shelves.

I’m probably going to have to order another ink rack soon. I just ordered three more Distress Oxide inks! But I think I can move my pigment inks to the self below, or to the cart with my embossing items and it won’t be that bad.

When I’m done crafting for the weekend, I tuck the two carts in between my desk and the shelves and it tidies up the space a lot!

Whew! That’s my craft space make over! I’m really happy with how it turned out! And my back is very happy! I don’t get to sit much in that gorgeous chair, but I don’t seem to need too. And it means Fireball doesn’t sit on my projects anymore, since she’s usually sleeping in the chair…

Thanks for stopping by and sticking with me through all that!



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