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Black Ink? And a look at Altenew’s new Permanent Black Ink

As a new card maker (which honestly, it’s only been 5 months…), I did a lot of research about black ink. Particularly when I decided to take the Copic marker plunge.

First, a real quick disclaimer: I am NOT a card making expert. I just started making cards in March. I’m still very much learning. But, like I said, I did a lot of research. I don’t have endless supplies of money, so I have to be as careful as I can with what I spend.

Ok, back to the ink. What I read indicated that Memento Tuxedo Black ink was the one that a lot of people used. Since Memento is available a Micheal’s, I started there. My first attempt didn’t work for me. But really, I think that was because I didn’t wait for the ink to dry.

Here is the card I made with my first colored images. You can see where the black ink ran.


Then I turned to Jennifer McGuire, who I am obsessed with, and she mentioned My Favorite Things Hybrid Black Licorice. So I tried out MFT’s ink, and have been using it ever since. I’ve had this ink pad since the end of April. I’ve always had to stamp the images twice to get a good, dark impression, and recently i’ve noticed it’s not very good with detail. Particularly the floral images from Hero Arts July kit.

Because of my issues with MFT’s ink, I decided to try the Memento ink again this weekend. I stamped the Hero Arts images using both inks. The Memento image did seem to handle the details a little bit better. I wish I had thought to take pictures.

The thing is, neither of these inks stamp as well as Altenew’s Jet Black dye ink. I LOVE this ink! Granted, I haven’t tried any other black dye inks. Why would I? I do like the way Versafine black onyx ink stamps, but I always smear it….. Because of that I only use it when I heat emboss.

So, imagine how happy I was to see that Altenew released a Permanent Black ink Pigment to color with alcohol markers!!! I order it this week and it delivered today! I thought this would be a perfect time to test drive some black ink. We are going to take a look at Memento Tuxedo Black, MFT Hybrid Black Licorice, Altenew Permanent Black and Altenew Jet Black.


I am going to stamp the same image using these 4 inks. I am stamping on Neenah Classic Crest Solar White 80 lbs. cardstock and a heart balloon image from Clearly Besotted’s Hot Stuff, because it has nice, clean thin lines. Then I am going to take a light colored Copic marker and color over the lines.


First up in Memento Tuxedo Black. I only stamped this one time. Look at how clean and dark that is!


Next up is MFT Hybrid ink. The MFT stamp on the left was stamping just one time. The one on the right is stamped twice. You can see how it’s not solid with one stamp, but two stamps is not as clean.


This is Altenew Jet Black. It’s perfect! Unfortunately its a dye ink. You’ll see how it runs when I show you the Copic pictures.




Altenew Permanent ink. This is my first time stamping with this brand new ink pad. I was kinda bummed. The one on the right was just one stamp. Its shows more detail but its not solid. I stamped twice on the left. Just like with MFT, you lose detail. But, like I said,  this is my first time stamping this brand new pad.


Here are all 4 of the inks in one shot. I have to say, out of the 3 Copic friendly inks, I really think Memento is the one. Ironic it’s been sitting on my shelf all this time…

Since the Altenew Permanent ink is so new, I am going to stamp a bunch of images this weekend to color. We’ll see if it gets better with use. Does that happen?!?!

Now let’s see how they stand up to Copic markers.



I went over the side of each image using a fairly light color (E93). The only one that ran was the Jet Black, which I knew would run. It’s not made to use with alcohol markers.


Here is a close up of the new Altenew Permanent ink with Copic marker.


This test was a bit difficult for me. I love MFT, and I really want their ink to work for me. I also really wanted the new Altenew Permanent Black ink to work. But it seems to me that pigment ink is not capable of doing what I want. Well, unless I use Memento. I am going to test drive the Altenew ink more this weekend and see what happens. I’ll write a quick post to let you know how it goes.

Thanks for stopping by!


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