Making Cards

Another Acetate Card- New Baby

Hello! I think acetate cards may end up as my trademark. I really love the uniqueness of them! And they really inspire me. This time I made a card in a design similar to one of the Father’s Day cards I made. A co-worker special ordered this for a new baby boy.


It was a lot harder to get the matching images for the front and back, inside and out on this card. Particularly as that top piece has 4 layers! I decided that I wanted the inside and back of the top piece to be the size of the blue panel, instead of the vellum. That way the vellum would also be transparent.

When I cut out the blue panel, I also cut out one white panel, stuck to the blue with removable adhesive (I use Tombow). My apologies for the shadows (I forgot to take pictures until I was on the second set of panels, and as you’ll see below, I still missed some important pictures).

I taped my die to the paper using a low tack tape (Micropore tape).


When I was done die cutting it, I removed the negative piece I didn’t need and left one of the die cuts stuck to the die. Then I lined up the next set of cardstock, which was stuck together with removable adhesive, and I lined them up with the die cut still taped to the die. *At this point I realized I didn’t take any pictures what is probably the hardest part to explain, and go re-enact it with scrap paper. As you can see, I stuck the tape at the bottom of the die to the new paper, and peeled it away from the top, still stuck to the first die cut cardstock. Then I removed the first die cut cardstock, and stuck the tape down completely.

At the end, I was left with this:


I rubbed of the removable adhesive off with my finger, and assembled the top. This is when I realized that the stitched detail on the clouds was going to be a problem. In order for the shapes to line up correctly, the stitch detail on the inside front cover, and the outside back are going to be face down. Since the stitches do go all the way through the cardstock, I decided to leave it as is. I haven’t really thought through how to avoid this in the future.

I repeated the same steps for the bottom section. The I put it all together.

The baby dragon in the shell is from Clearly Besotted’s Hot Stuff, as is the message. I colored him with Copic markers, and used a white gel pen to give him freckles. On the inside of the card I stamped “Congratulations.” I think it turned out great, even if my clouds are inside out in places šŸ™‚ It’s one of those things I think only the card maker would pick up on. It does bug me a bit, but this was a lot of work, and 4 layers of clouds!

I’m not sure if I’ll repeat this on an acetate card. The layers of cardstock make it bulky. I have an idea for something similar though. Stay tuned!


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